the CRA is Trying to Improve Services for Small Businesses



New Services are Being Implemented after the “Serving You Better” Round-Table Discussions Campaign



Did you realize that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is attempting to turn their attention towards helping small and medium businesses? The CRA is responsible for the administration of tax laws for the Government of Canada continuing to put in place social and economic programs with the use of the tax system. The CRA is currently looking for ways in which their services can be improved in a way that allows for a simple and potentially a more easy to use system - and this is where we can help them to help us!


With the use of recent feedback the CRA has begun to implement their findings with the help of the Serving You Better Consultations - where feedback shared with senior accountants has the potential to aid with future improvements allowing the needs of small businesses to be met, putting the focal point on their interests.


How the CRA is Trying to Improve Services for Small Business with Mobile AppsUsing the results from current feedback the CRA have stated what they intend to implement in order to improve their services, including;


  • Modernizing the CRA’s online services- through the use of mobile apps allowing increased interaction between the small businesses and the CRA. Alongside the use of electronic T4 information slips and the creation of easy to follow information videos to name a few.


  • Payment options to become more understandable- making the remittance voucher order more prominent and how these personalized vouchers ensure money goes into the correct account


  • Information about current tax easily accessible- launching a 3 year pilot of a new phone service aiming to allow more experienced CRA staff to deal with technical issues. Also allowing the assessment of T2 corporation income tax returns to be on the online individual business account.


  • Improvements will be made for audits, appeals and collections- 2016 action plan implemented to better inform businesses of the time frames associated with the resolution of an issue based on the level of difficulty.


Most of the identified areas of improvement have either been completed, are soon to be completed or are still ongoing. Find out more  information on how the CRA intends to improve services here.


The CRA continues to seek your feedback. Here at Green Quarter Consulting- Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses  in White Rock South Surrey, Langley and Surrey BC, we urge you to take part in the government consultation programs with any feedback or queries you may have on how you believe the taxpayer service system can be improved.


Green Quarter Consulting - Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for White Rock, South Surrey, Langley and Surrey BC are here to help! We can assist with navigating through your Small Business needs and how these new CRA implementations can be utilized for your Small Business.


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