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  • The Taxation of Business Income in Canada

Find out how business owners can structure their financial affairs and the taxation of business income in Canada....

Read the full article here: How Business Income is Taxed in Canada


  • Corporate Tax Integration for Shareholders & Business Owners in Canada

The theory behind corporate/shareholder integration for taxes in Canada is that there should be the same amount of tax paid on income earned through a corporation...

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  • Are Electronic Payments Taking the Place of Cheques

Most companies across Canada still rely on cheque payments for Salary and B2B payments, but is this the best or safest option for your Small Business in Surrey BC?

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  • Creating an Audit Trail for the CRA

Proper completion of the T2 Return requires the compilation of Schedules 100 (balance sheet) and 125 (income statement), in accordance with the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI)

Read the full article here: Key Tips for Preparing a CRA Audit Trail





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