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Latest Blog Articles


  • Creating an Audit Trail for the CRA

Proper completion of the T2 Return requires the compilation of Schedules 100 (balance sheet) and 125 (income statement), in accordance with the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI)

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  • Understanding the Corporate Balance Sheet

The corporate balance sheet is a snap shot in time of the net worth of a corporation. It records the assets, liabilities and shareholder(s) equity as at a specific point in time...

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  • Proprietorship vs Corporation - Which is Best for Small Businesses

Should my Small Business in BC be a Proprietorship or a Corporation? There is a significant legal distinction between a proprietorship and a corporation - find out pros and cons for your small business...

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  • CRA to Improve Services for Small Businesses

Did you realize that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is attempting to turn their attention towards helping small and medium businesses? The CRA is currently looking for ways in which their services can be improved in a way that allows for a simple and potentially a more easy to use system - and this is where we can help them to help us!...

Read the full article here: New Services are Being Implemented after the “Serving You Better” Roundtable Discussions Campaign






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