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At Green Quarter Consulting, our local accounting services provides reliable and beneficial bookkeeping and Tax assistance to clients with a global Quality approach grounded in Understanding and Trust – all at a convenient local level. According to our growing client base, you are in the right place for the best local Accounting Services in White Rock, Surrey and Langley…  with specific resources allocated to local bookkeeping services in Surrey BC, bookkeeping services in White Rock BC and bookkeeping for Langley BC. Contact Us for a fresh approach to your Accounting Needs!


Our Philosophy is:

  • To provide complete accounting services to all of our clients whether individuals, professionals or business owners to help them achieve their financial goals by providing sound advice, personalized attention and local accounting solutions designed to protect and grow their financial futures.
  • To take the time to understand our client's business and accounting needs by utilizing our knowledge and experience to guide them through tax planning and accounting reporting requirements.
  • To strive to bring our clients’ financial success to a higher level. We contribute and update insightful accounting expertise to further advantage our clients’ financial future and optimize their bookkeeping obligations whilst helping minimize their tax liability intelligently.




With years of experience in accounting and financial management - we can take care of all your accounting needs so you can focus on your business. Choose us as Accountants in White Rock, South Surrey, Langley and Surrey BC for:

Delivering Quality & Trust in Accounting

Choose peace of mind by having your bookkeeping taken care of by expert bookkeepers. Ensure year-round accuracy and compliance, so that your bookkeeping is done right & on time...

We prepare monthly, quarterly & annual compilation financial statements for businesses. A compilation statement consists of a Notice to Reader, Balance sheet & Statement of Income…

Optimize cash flow by balancing accounts payable & receivable regularly, preparing cheques for your signature & keeping records of which customers owe you & how much they owe…

 We prepare company year-end financial statements, including Review Engagement Reports or Audited Accounts in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)…

Effective remittance preparation at an affordable price for GST/HST, PST, Workers Compensation Premiums, Payroll Source Deductions, expert submission services…

From Payroll to HR, Employee Time Management and Employee Self Service, we provide company workforce management solutions in White Rock, South Surrey, Langley & Surrey BC…



Our niche is to deliver accounting solutions with a focus on two key core competencies; Quality and Trust.  It is our goal to provide quality accounting and bookkeeping services which fit into your business like pieces of a puzzle. This is a lot like in days of old where purchases were made at the local butcher and bakery; quality and personalized customer service were always counted on and delivered.






See why we are your "Go To Team" for Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in White Rock, Langley & South Surrey BC!


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Offering the Latest in Cloud Accounting Utilizing the Latest Technology


As companies are increasingly mobile and speed is essential, having access to your accounting records wherever you are is more important than ever. Green Quarter can establish a cloud-based accounting portal for our clients, offering considerable benefits over traditional workstation-based accounting infrastructures and delivering greater value by providing real-time information, real insight and real guidance to our clients so they can make decisions based on accurate information. Our cloud based accounting supports this objective by ensuring that both our staff and our clients' teams are working with the most up-to-date information, without the hassle of transferring files back and forth.


Here are some of the benefits of adopting a cloud accounting system for your business:

  • Access to your accounting records from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • No more transferring data files back and forth – improved security
  • Automatic access to the most up-to-date versions of your accounting


Contact Us today to get a customized cloud accounting solution for your business.



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At Green Quarter Consulting, serving White Rock, Langley and South Surrey, BC, we strive to be experts in our fields of accounting and bookkeeping and we feel that it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our clients well informed and kept up-to-date on accounting trends, technologies and industry insights.


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